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Amid increased travel demand, are air travellers today safer than they have been in the past? Will the aviation industry be able to keep up with the increasing demand without compromising on passenger safety? Is the avionics industry developing even more dependable planes and better regulations for safer travel in the future?

The UK’s aerospace sector is thriving, with a 306% YoY increase in orders alongside a 38% increase in deliveries. The figures are encouraging for the sector amidst supply chain challenges and a slightly muted start to the year, and the current backlog of orders is estimated to be worth more than £205bn to the UK

World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo (WTCE) welcomed the industry’s leading airline and rail companies, with more than 3,500 attendees from 88 different countries visiting the three-day event. The expo was centred around the three core themes of passenger wellbeing, sustainability and creating memorable experiences, with visitors and exhibitors alike keen to bring the fun back to post-pandemic travel

When Delta began flying nonstop from Atlanta to London Gatwick in 1978, it was the airline’s first international flight with a Tristar. The airline’s international expansion took off, and today Delta has become one of the world’s biggest carriers. The airline has a few fond memories to share