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UK’s ‘Jet Zero’ green passenger jet gets the go-ahead

Today saw UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, set out the Government’s plan for the post-Covid economy, with a focus on construction and innovation to create jobs and grow prosperity. He stated that the UK can be a “science superpower”, with one initiative being of particular interest for the aviation sector: a ‘green’ passenger jet


18 cabin ideas to boost airline passenger confidence during Covid

Passenger confidence is key to the recovery of air travel. Designers and suppliers around the world have come up with ideas that can help flyers feel safer in the cabin and more physically separated from their fellow travellers. From low-cost cardboard isolators, to 3D-printed air blades, a wide range of ideas has been developed very swiftly to help reassure nervous passengers and accelerate the recovery of aviation


European aviation needs support for a green recovery

Economic recovery and the ambitious decarbonisation agenda need to go hand in hand. Aviation is a catalyst for growth and businesses in Europe, and at the same time it is essential that the sector meets its sustainability targets. As such, the European recovery funds need to be allocated to support the right policy, research and economic measures for the aviation sector