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Emirates' upgrade tips


Emirates' check-in staff have seen every upgrade trick in the book. The airline's latest series of ads takes a light-hearted look at these plucky ploys and suggests simply upgrading to a better airline

16 January, 2018

New Yorkers' thoughts on wi-fi


Honeywell and Inmarsat sent a reporter on to the streets of New York to ask people about their experiences of using inflight wi-fi, and what they really want from connectivity

01 December, 2017

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Which has a bigger influence on long-haul passenger satisfaction:

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Which has a bigger influence on long-haul passenger satisfaction:


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  • Will commercial supersonic flight return within the next 10 years?
  • Which has the biggest influence on the other: first class commercial cabin design or VIP?
  • Was the 'golden age' of aviation in the 1920s-30s really better than today?
  • When selecting which airline to fly with, do many people compare the IFE offerings?
  • Does sacrificing seating for social areas pay off?
  • Are aircraft catalogs stifling creativity in cabin design?
  • Should passengers pay extra for inflight wi-fi access?
  • Will Augmented Reality be applied to commercial aircraft completions within the next five years?
  • If offered a choice for an interiors project, which would you most like to work on?
  • After watching footage of passengers retrieving luggage after the EK521 crash (video below), do you think overhead stowages should be locked during TTL?
  • There have been major recent investments in long-haul business class in the USA and in the Middle East. Which do you think has the highest standard?
  • You're about to take a long-haul flight in economy. Given these options, which would you rather have:
  • New Zealand's CAA has criticized Air New Zealand's surfing-themed safety video (see HERE) for diverging from the safety message. What do you think of infotainment style safety videos?
  • Which do you think has the greater effect on cabin branding and design:
  • What do you think of the notion of offering angled lie-flat beds?
  • Just three words, printed in three newspapers in three European countries, have provoked a huge international reaction. What do you think of Norwegian's latest marketing ploy?
  • This week saw Indian budget carrier IndiGo stir up controversy when it announced an adults only "quiet zone" for premium seating zones. What do you think of child-free zones?
  • Which of these first class products has the greatest halo effect for an airline?
  • Following Rockwell Collins' aquisition of B/E Aerospace, what do you think of the trend for consolidation in the interiors supply market?
  • The major US airlines have transformed the quality of their passenger experience in recent years. Which of these innovative airlines do you rate most highly in terms of cabin product?
  • The next issue of Aircraft Interiors International will carry a feature about airline branding. On that theme, which of these past brands do you think was the strongest?
  • With IATA reporting that of the 10,854 unruly passenger incidents in 2015, 23% were alcohol - or drug-fueled, what is the most suitable solution for airlines wanting to prevent drunken behavior during flight?
  • Today saw the maiden flight of the Airbus A350-1000. Given a choice of cabin project, which of the main rivals in this sector would you rather work with?
  • This week's blog relates to conflict between cabin designers and airline bean counters. Which of these do you consider to be the most difficult part of a cabin designer's job?
  • This week saw Air New Zealand become the latest airline to sign up for fast inflight connectivity. Which of these statements do you agree with most strongly?
  • Airbus's A3 division believes the truly modular cabin is nearly a reality. After reading the details in the lead story below, which of these statements reflects your opinion of modular cabins?
  • British Airways is to begin charging for food and beverages on short-haul flights. Do you think this move is appropriate for a flag carrier?
  • Following the tragic events in Fort Lauderdale airport, do you think there should be a ban on checking in firearms on commercial flights in the USA?
  • Aside from Polaris, which of the following do you think will be the most exciting aircraft interiors story of 2017?
  • As a measure to protect lone female flyers from sexual harassment, Air India is introducing women-only zones on its aircraft. What do you think of this decision?
  • Which of the following areas would be the most effective target for improvement?
  • Which of these areas do you feel has the greatest influence on cabin design?
  • What would you most like to see from our coverage of Aircraft Interiors Expo 2017? 
  • Qantas' new premium economy offer is impressive, but it is not the only airline to have invested in innovative product. Which premium economy cabin are you most impressed with? 
  • With Embraer joining Airbus in the hunt for disruputive thinking and cross-industry collaboration, which of these areas could hold the most value to aerospace? 
  • With Virgin America in the news this week, which predominantly domestic US carrier do you feel is the most innovative?  
  • What do you think of the ban on large electronic devices in the cabins of flights from certain Middle Eastern countries? 
  • Of the business class seat reveals at Aircraft Interiors Expo this week (details in the news), which are you most impressed by? 
  • What is the most positive consequence of the events on United Express flight 3411?
  • Which passenger experience would top-tier commercial airline passengers opt for on a long-haul route?
  • Rockwell Collins is now able to equip an aircraft from nose to tail. For airline customers, which of these statements would you agree with most?
  • Which airline has the best first class? 
  • It has been some time since there has been truly disruptive innovation in the aircraft cabin. Do you think the driver for the next big disruption will come from...
  • What is the most compelling part of the A320 Airspace cabin? 
  • Which show do you find most useful to attend? 
  • After watching Boeing's 'Women Make Us Better' video above, why do you think there is still such a small proportion of female engineers in aviation? 
  • Many flyers love to complain about comfort in economy class, but also love cheap fares. Do you foresee a point in the next 20 years when long-haul economy is significantly more comfortable?
  • Three redesigned first class suites are due to be revealed imminently. Which do you think will be the
    most impressive?
  • What do you think is most likely to become of today's long-haul first and business class cabins? 
  • There are several drivers of long-haul business class seating design. Which of these factors you view as the most important? 

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