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Emirates' upgrade tips


Emirates' check-in staff have seen every upgrade trick in the book. The airline's latest series of ads takes a light-hearted look at these plucky ploys and suggests simply upgrading to a better airline

16 January, 2018

New Yorkers' thoughts on wi-fi


Honeywell and Inmarsat sent a reporter on to the streets of New York to ask people about their experiences of using inflight wi-fi, and what they really want from connectivity

01 December, 2017

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There are several drivers of long-haul business class seating design. Which of these factors you view as the most important? 

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In this Issue - SHOWCASE 2018

The Aircraft Interiors International Showcase 2018 issue is now available online! Packed full of news, interviews and features, including:


TWO DECADES OF WISDOM : Sound thinking stands the test of time. These nuggets of wisdom featured in Aircraft Interiors International over the past two decades demonstrate the timeless instincts of our contributors…


FULL TRANSPARENCY : Airbus’s Ingo Wuggetzer has been a regular face in Aircraft Interiors International over the years. From the introduction of the A380, to transparent cabins, he shares his views on aircraft interior design


THE MAGIC OF FLIGHT : After more than 20 years in the aviation sector, Boeing’s payloads chief architect, P J Wilcynski, is still in love with the magic of flight – and the promise of the next 20 years

Note to iPad and iPhone readers: to view this digital edition with the latest interactive features, please ensure you have upgraded your tablet or iPhone to at least the iOS 5 Operating System.

Note to Android tablet and Android phone readers: to view this digital edition with the latest interactive features, please ensure you have upgraded your tablet or Android phone to at least the Version 4.0 Operating System.

In this Issue - March 2014

The March 2014 issue is now available online! Packed full of news, interviews and features, including:

Boarding Games: Airlines are experimenting with many different ways of getting passengers on and off aircraft efficiently to help them achieve quick turnaround times, save money, and improve the travel experience

Opening Doors: New York-based LCC JetBlue is introducing Mint, a dramatic new product that looks set to shake up the US domestic market

Personal Effects: The FAA has recommended a process to safely expand the use of PEDs in flight. But will it be impossible to control usage on aircraft that haven’t been made PED-tolerant? And will the abrupt switch in stowage policies compromise cabin safety?

Product lifecycles: Cabin redesign schedules are no longer a simple function of fashion and durability. Find out why a host of factors can bring forward investments, and how not to fall into the reactionary trap

Cabin safety: We explore what cabin products helped preserve so many lives in the Asiana 214 crash – and how they can be further improved

Bag2Go: An Airbus concept that started with a clever suitcase and now has far-reaching implications for cabin architecture

Dr Joachim Schneider: Lufthansa’s VP of product management discusses why the industry must never lose sight of the most important factor: the customer

Alice Liu: Marisa Garcia meets American Airlines’ managing director of onboard product and connectivity, who helped drive one of the industry’s most ambitious cabin programmes

South African Airways: How do you reflect an entire continent of more than 50 countries in one A320 cabin? Priestmangoode and Brand Union answered this challenge for South African Airways

Lounges: As the executive lounge becomes a key extension of the cabin experience, we look at some of the key trends driving these innovative spaces

In this Issue - September 2013

The September 2013 issue is now available online! Packed full of news, interview and features, including:

Tactile Response: To get that all-important edge on the competition, designers need to appeal more to passengers' sense of touch. A panel of experts share how they feel about the importance of tactility, and its application

Flexible Seating: An empty seat is a wasted opportunity. Flexible seating in economy could earn extra revenue, while also enhancing the economy passenger experience - although it is not without difficulties

IFE Integration: Seatback IFE has never been such a complex design issue, with increasing screen sizes conflicting with more slimline seats, and the future of seatback screens potential

Automotive Trends: A luxury car interior often forms part of the whole passenger experience, so key elements of automotive quality need to be fed into aircraft interiors

British Airways' A380 and B787: 2013 saw not one but two new aircraft join the British Airways fleet, marking a new, higher quality foundation for future interior designs

Ancillary Revenue: Food and beverage won’t sell itself. Airlines can use many clever techniques to maximise their onboard sales revenues

Lightweight Materials: Carbon fibre and plastics are continuing to change the shape of aircraft interiors. Is one material superior, or can they work together?

Pan Am's Legacy: Pan Am may be gone, sadly, but its legacy and lessons live on, and it still serves as a benchmark in branding

Singapore Airlines' B777-300ER: This long-awaited project brought together the design strengths of JPA and BMW Designworks USA to create a new standard in quality and comfort

In this Issue - March 2013

The March 2013 issue is now available online! Packed full of news, interviews and features, including:

Creative differences: Males and females often like or need different things. But are these differences adequately catered for in unisex aircraft interior design?

Guiding light: As aircraft interior suppliers persist in the drive to reduce cabinweight, the resulting innovations are benefiting passengers as well as reducing fuel costs, with exciting developments on the horizon

Seat safety: Recent events have created a greater public awareness of the importance of safe aircraft seating. Aircraft Interiors International delves into the latest safety issues and headlines, including American Airlines and Koito

American Airlines: The story behind one of the biggest cabin design projects ever: the American Airlines rebrand and redesign

Qatar’s Dreamliner: Qatar Airways’ flagship 787 interior shows the unique results that can be achieved when you have influence at Boeing

Second-screen IFE: A major home entertainment trend is becoming just as big in the cabin. Find out how passengers are using personal devices to supplement their seatback IFE experience

Cabin hygiene: Having hundreds of passengers onboard for hours can lead to the cabin becoming a hotbed of germs. Don’t let carriers be carriers

Cabin crew: An absolutely vital part of the airline experience. Top airlines share the secrets of excellent and unforgettable inflight service

CAD technology: No aircraft interior projects can be undertaken without extensive use of CAD systems. Take a look at the latest generation of software

3D prototyping: 3D printing is becoming big in the design world, and is even entering the production world. What role will it play in aircraft interiors?

TAM’s 777: The best of Brazil’s residential and fashion influences combine to create a stylish home from home on board TAM

News features: Passenger trends by numbers; Aviointeriors and Lamborghini collaborate on an economy seat; premium economy successes; Iberia’s new cabins; tray table talk; a Vueling hotel; Cathay Pacific’s amazing new lounge; and how to unwind during a flight

Design briefs: Zodiac invites four people to have dinner together; Paperclip staggers business travelers; and Verso puts a spin on premium economy

Get personal: Jacques Pierrejean discusses everything from cabin design, to super-yachts, to triathlons

In this Issue - September 2012

The Aircraft Interiors International September 2012 issue is now available online! Packed full of news, interviews and features, including:

Airline Branding: What is it that makes a brand cool? What would make a really cool airline brand experience on board? Some of the industry's top experts share their 'cool' ideas

Malaysia A380: Designing an A380 interior is full of temptations. What to do with the space? A bar? Shops? Showers? Malaysia has eschewed such headline grabbers in favour of creating what it believes to be the ultimate customer experience

Economy Seating: Clever reworking of the hard product in economy cabins could yield increased customer satisfaction, and increased profits

Air France Premium Classes: Air France has celebrated the arrival of its latest A380s by giving them fresher, more elegant business- and first-class cabins

Family travel: Air travel may be stressful, but it shouldn’t split up families. A little thought can keep family groups together on board, and improve the experience for everyone else, too

Catalogue seating: There is already a wide choice of seating for wide-body A350s. Read the story behind the catalogue

Galleys: A recipe for success in designing and building galleys – with a sprinkle of branding

Hollywood: Hooray for Hollywood, where aircraft can become movie stars too

Retrofitting IFE: As airlines feel pressure to upgrade ageing IFE systems, they might find the process is far from straightforward

News features: How to maximise economy revenues; American’s ambitious A321cabin plans; Mitsubishi’s MRJ; LAN’s 787 cabin revealed; better ways to board; and the latest ideas in hygienic travel

Design briefs: Molon Labe Design’s slider seat to speed passenger boarding; a futuristic city aircraft with a difference; and a double-deck premium class seat concept from Factorydesign

Get personal: Spend some time with Nigel Goode, who as director of Priestmangoode has been involved in everything from the original A380 interior concept to Malaysia’s new flagship

In this Issue - June 2012

The June 2012 issue is now available online! Packed full of news, interviews and features, including:

Lufthansa Business Class: This is not just any new business class, it's an all-new, clean-sheet reinterpretation of Lufthansa's business cabin

Passenger Safety: Passengers are getting heavier, but seat safety tests are not moving with the times. Are larger passengers at greater risk in the skies?

Virgin Upper Class: Following 10 years of service, Virgin Atlantic has launched its latest generation Upper Class. The ethos was evolution not revolution, but there are a few surprises

Streaming IFE: IFE is currently straddling airline-supplied systems and PEDs. A clever approach to IFE, including streaming technology, can keep everyone entertained

Short-haul long game: Twin-aisle designs dominate the design headlines, but there are exciting opportunities on the horizon for short-haul aircraft, too

Joint procurement: Airline alliances moving towards joint procurement is great for the bottom line, but it may not be so good for passengers and branding

Triple celebration: The number of the best? The recent delivery of the 1,000th Boeing 777 makes it the bestselling twin-aisle, long-range aircraft. The cabin plays a large part in its success

JAL’s Dreamliner: Step on board Japan Airlines’ Dreamliner, which can offer four seasons in one flight with its kaleidoscope of colours

Seating review: 2012 is shaping up to be a great year in seating, with many recent product launches. They may all be different, but they are all driven by weight reduction

Crystal Cabin Awards: 58 applicants, 12 runners-up and six winners. The Crystal Cabin Awards winners for 2012 have been announced

Design briefs: A range of galley inserts to bring a more homely feel to an aircraft; and a long-haul economy seat that maximises comfort and minimises weight

Personal profile: Luke Pearson of PearsonLloyd has designed everything from cosmetics containers to Virgin’s first Upper Class suite, and now Lufthansa’s Business Class. This romantic visionary is looking to bring glamour back to air travel

In this Issue - March 2012

The March 2012 issue is now available online! Packed full of news, interviews and features, including:


Cover story: Hong Kong Airlines is introducing a Club Class service this spring – but how will it fare given previous all-business failures?

Supplier approval: Airframers are extending their control over the process of sourcing cabin furnishings, but some suppliers say the catalogue approach to interiors inhibits innovation

Brussels Airlines: Brussels Airlines is upgrading the cabins of its wide-body fleet as it aims to become ‘best-in-class’ on routes to Africa and New York

Engineering crisis: A shortage of engineering resources is threatening to restrict airlines’ attempts to innovate in the cabin

Boeing 747-8: The 747 is a true icon of aviation – the 747-8 Intercontinental, which will shortly begin service with Lufthansa, is now charged with writing the next chapter of this aircraft’s venerable history

High Definition IFE: The APEX Technology Committee’s High Definition
Working Group closes in on a standard, while at least one HD initiative has deployed with limited Hollywood support – but a few obstacles remain

Bombardier CSeries: Bombardier’s decision to turn cabin development for the CSeries over to one key supplier has paved the way for a number of key innovations

IFE hardware: First perceived as a threat to embedded IFE, and then deemed too complicated to repurpose, consumer tablet devices are slowly working their way back into the cabin conversation

United/Continental merger: United Airlines’ chief makes a plan for the future by leaving past troubles behind

Disruptive passengers: 2011 may well be remembered as the year of the celebrity cabin eviction – what is it that makes some passengers lose the plot?

Design briefs: A slim-line economy-class seat aimed at full-service carriers; an A320 layout with two aisles; a business-class cabin featuring separate seats and beds; and catering trolleys sold as statement furniture for the home

Personal profile: Fernanda Toro, travel experience director at LAN Airlines, discusses the carrier’s cabin selections and future plans

Fact File: Hong Kong Airlines’ newly updated fleet in numbers

In this Issue - November 2011

The November 2011 issue is now available online! Packed full of news, interviews and features, including:

Cover story – live television: The long-sought ability to offer passengers live television on a global basis is becoming available from multiple sources

China Southern A380: China’s first A380 may not be the most luxurious or imaginative, but it nevertheless marks the beginning of an important chapter in aviation

Cabin repair: Passengers judge airlines by their cabins, so it makes sense to keep seats and other elements clean, comfortable and working well

Thai 747-400 retrofit: New seats and IFE are being retrofitted to THAI’s 747s as the airline prepares to take delivery of its first A380

Green plane: Southwest continues to trial a lighter, high-tech interior that could set new sustainability standards for the cabin

IFE architecture: Wireless head-end system streaming to both airline-provided screens in a seat-centric architecture and passenger-provided devices is a mash-up that works

Colour and trim: The latest leathers, carpets, textiles and treatments made for the aircraft cabin

Lighting: LED-based ambient lighting has transformed many cabins but certain pitfalls could see it leapfrogged by even more advanced technology in the future

Design briefs: A barrier-free lavatory that can be expanded in flight to enable assisted use; and A VIP interior with a difference for a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

Personal profile: Daniel Kerrison of flydubai talks about the airline’s IFE plans and life in the emirate

Fact file: THAI’s long-haul fleet cabin product offering at a glance

In this Issue - September 2011

The September 2011 issue is now available online! Packed full of news, interviews and features, including:

Cover story – Airbus Concept Cabin: Dismissed by some as mere brand alchemy, Airbus’s Concept Cabin nevertheless asks all the right questions – and hints at some fascinating answers

ANA 787: ANA finally looks set to begin 787 commercial service this September – so what can we expect to see on board?

Reduced mobility: An aging population and growing numbers of travellers with disabilities mean new considerations for aircraft cabin designers

Korean Air A380: Korean Air has unveiled the roomiest A380 yet – with its spacious layout complemented by headline-grabbing lounges and even a duty-free shop

Cabin recycling: Most cabin furnishings currently cannot be recycled, but airframers and airlines alike are working to make it possible

Weight reduction: Lighter seats and other cabin elements are helping airlines achieve substantial reductions in fuel consumption, costs and emissions

airberlin upgrades: Germany’s second largest airline is investing in both its short- and long-haul fleet as it prepares to join the oneworld alliance in 2012

Seat supply: Airlines continue to complain of a lack of innovation and choice among seating firms, but can a new generation of suppliers provide a solution?

Airbus IFE: Airbus reveals its next-generation IFE requirements for the A350XWB

IFE future: Reports of the death of airline-provided IFE have been greatly exaggerated – neither PEDs, nor live TV, nor inflight connectivity have got the better of it yet – but will they in the future?

Luke Miles: Virgin Atlantic’s new head of design takes time out to talk about his ambitions for the airline

Design briefs: A rail car concept to improve airport-city connections; and a futuristic bizjet cabin concept that has already been translated into a mock-up

Show preview: The top innovations to look out for at the Aircraft Interiors Expo Americas, APEX and IFSA shows in Seattle, USA, this September

Personal profile: Chase Craig of Alaska Airlines on the airline’s IFEC choices, and what expo visitors can do in his home town, Seattle

Fact file: airberlin’s fleet in numbers

In this Issue - June 2011

The June 2011 issue is now available online! Packed full of news, interviews and features, including:

Lufthansa 747-400: Lufthansa’s new Boeing 747-400 upper deck cabin offers first-class passengers their own full-length bed alongside each seat – with just eight seats in total

Passenger profiles: Airlines that take the time to really understand passenger needs through the use of customer profiling are realising increased revenues through game-chasing products. 

Virgin Australia: Virgin Blue has been rebranded as Virgin Australia, and its latest aircraft feature new business- and economy-class seats designed to provide a contemporary twist to the cabin

IFE interfaces: The latest control units offer new ways of interfacing with IFE systems, enabling passengers to replicate the multi-device environment they typically enjoy at home

Lavatory design: Lighting, décor, accessibility, functionality and hygiene are among the considerations in lavatory design, and new approaches promise both operational and aesthetic benefits

Hamburg cluster: What are the secrets behind Hamburg’s rise as the undoubted global centre for excellence and innovation in cabin design and technology?

Seating review: Seven super seats from Aircraft Interiors Expo 2011 – including the latest thinking in the fast-moving high-density business-class and ultralight economy-class sectors

WiFi on board: Despite fears of rogue radio frequencies running loose in the cabin, onboard mobile phone use continues apace without incident with inflight WiFi rapidly following in its wake

Design briefs: A single-aisle design for wide-body aircraft from C&D Zodiac; and an overlapping high-density business-class concept from Formation Design

Expo review: The most exciting products launched at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2011 in April – and who triumphed in this year’s Crystal Cabin Awards

Personal profile: Mr Burns on a motorcycle – meet Kerry Reeves, Air New Zealand’s manager of aircraft programmes 


In this Issue - March 2011

The March 2011 issue is now available online! Packed full of news, interviews and features, including:

Cover story – future cabin: Many have wild visions of the future cabin, but could the differences be much more subtle than we expect?

Cathay Pacific: The airline is flipping the traditional herringbone business-class format on its head to redress passenger concerns regarding seat width and privacy

Boarding times: The time taken to board and disembark passengers has a major impact on aircraft turnaround times – is there a better way?

Livery Design: Four design and brand experts explain how to get logo and livery design right, and speculate on how technology will enable different ways of branding in the future

NFW concept: A new concept from Contour and Factorydesign looks beyond a flat bed and a nice meal to create an onboard flight experience with a difference

Ka-band: The struggle for passenger broadband dominance started in earnest last year when two Ku-band satellite providers flung down the gauntlet to the L-band incumbent – but now a third technology – Ka-band – is about to enter the fray

Flydubai: Emirates of Dubai has been a global leader in IFE and connectivity for years but now its low-fare sibling is displaying the same pioneering spirit

Narrow-bodies: New lightweight seats are helping airlines transform their short- and medium-haul services, while passenger expectations are driving the addition of connectivity and IFE to narrow-body cabins

Enabling platform: A new cabin architecture offers enhanced options for customisation and enables Airbus to include provision for future reconfiguration in its A350 catalogue offerings

Teague Flight 2.0: A radical future vision of flight divides air travel between sedate airships for leisure travel and ultra-efficient jets for only the most essential business trips

Design brief: A glossy, futuristic economy-class short-haul cabin from the University of Applied Sciences Munich

Guest room: Peter Vink of Delft University takes a closer look at the psychological factors behind passenger comfort

Show preview: Our pick of the innovations to be displayed at Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg

Personal profile: Reza Soltanian, president of Regent Aerospace, on recycling and restoration

Fact file: The vital statistics on Cathay Pacific’s fleet

In this Issue - November 2010

The November 2010 issue is now available online! Packed full of news, interviews and features, including:

Cover story – Boeing 787: From psychological research to timed physical installation checks, Boeing has gone to unprecedented lengths to make sure the interior of its 787 looks good, feels better and fits together perfectly

Stand-up seating: The attention surrounding the SkyRider seat that AvioInteriors showed at September’s Aircraft Interiors Expo Americas prompts a closer look at an idea that refuses to go away

Turkish Airlines: Priestmangoode had just 12 months to develop a new brand identity and interiors for one of Europe’s fastest growing airlines

Koito update: The fallout from Koito’s admission that it has falsified seat testing data continues, with airlines asked to inspect and possibly remove seats currently in service

ATR 600 Armonia: Slimline seating and sculpted ceiling, side panels and overhead bins help lighten the mood on the new ATR 600 Armonia interior, with design input from Giugiaro

Handheld players: The use of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology for handheld IFE is so over – or is it?

Fabric, leather and flooring: New products and technologies from aviation’s leather, fabric and flooring suppliers

Lighting: A look at the latest lighting products designed to make the aircraft cabin safe, attractive and flexible

Design brief: A flexible seat layout system from Seymourpowell

Personal profile: Priestmangoode’s Luke Hawes

Fact file: Turkish Airlines’ long-haul fleet in numbers


In this Issue - September 2010

The September 2010 issue is now available online! Packed full of news, interviews and features, including:

Cover story: Airliners used to carry passengers – now they transport guests, customers or travellers – how can the IFE system help their operators redress the erosion of fare income by turning them into buyers?

Airline case study: Inspired by its First Class Terminal at Frankfurt, Lufthansa’s new first class on its A380s responds to customer requests for peace and privacy

Supply chain: Diehl’s acquisition of Dasell Cabin Interiors underlines the German industrial group’s ambition to become a supplier of complete, integrated cabin systems

Seating concept: B/E Aerospace and Priestman Goode have developed the Open Concept Suite – a stylish first-class product that wouldn’t look out of place in your living room

Premium seating: Every trick in the book is being employed by vendors desperate to help airlines squeeze more seats into business class without any loss in comfort

Airline case study: JetBlue celebrates its 10th anniversary this year – and continues to hold true to its original values of service and product

Economy seating: Established giants are competing with an influx of new companies in the economy and premium-economy seat market, resulting in more space- and weight-efficient products

New aircraft: Irkut exhibited a mock-up of its MS-21 single-aisle airliner at Farnborough in July, with a singularly well-appointed cabin from C&D Zodiac

Show preview: Our pick of the innovations to be displayed at Aircraft Interiors Expo Americas

Design briefs: Priestman Goode’s Mercury Train; Design FL’s suspended seating concept, ‘Air’; and ‘Neoseat’ – a slimline economy model from Mormedi

Opinion: Daniel Baron of Lift Strategic Design says talk of twin aisles on narrowbodies misses the point

Personal profile: Christina Foerster, general manager, intercontinental product management at Lufthansa

Fact file: The vital statistics of Lufthansa’s long-haul fleet

In this Issue - May 2010

The May 2010 issue is now available online! Packed full of news, interviews and features, including:

Cover story: Some airlines are stripping away their front cabins, while others continue to invest – ultimately the future of first class relies on a better understanding of customer needs on specific routes

Airline case study: British Airways' new First combines intelligent design with a proven heritage to create a truly authentic and liberating luxury experience

Seat safety: For passengers, aircraft seats are just a more or less comfortable place to spend the journey – but in regulatory terms, the main consideration is the protection they provide in the event of a crash

Airline case study: Operating the world’s longest sectors has inspired Air New Zealand to develop an innovative 777-300ER cabin that breaks new ground in accommodation, entertainment and service

A350 catalogue: Airbus has just published its catalogue of approved cabin equipment for the A350 – so who’s in and who’s out, and what are the options available?

Airline case study: Oman Air is spending heavy on luxury interiors and the latest cabin technology – CEO Peter Hill explains the airline's strategy

IFE engineering: A new wave of IFE entrants are taking a fresh look at how entertainment is delivered on board by shifting storage and processing power from the head-end to the seat

Airline case study: Condor is the first airline to retrofit its A320 fleet with the new Enhanced Cabin from Airbus

Wireless IFE: Wireless was to be the next big thing for the IFE industry, but now the top two suppliers have tuned out, leaving an ambitious newcomer to try its luck

Airline case study: Philippine Airlines has introduced new interiors inspired by the carrier’s home coastline on its latest 777-300ERs

Show preview: Our pick of the innovations to be displayed at Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg

Personal profile: Peter Tennent of Factorydesign is a firm believer in the value of building physical mock-ups

Design briefs: Molon Labe Designs’ sliding seat allows extra aisle room; and the Lady-Lav – a dedicated lavatory for female use on board aircraft

Personal profile: Richard Stevens, managing creative director at forpeople – a London-based design firm that advises on all aspects of luxury

Fact file: ANZ’s fleet at a glance

In this Issue - February 2010

The February 2010 issue is now available online! Packed full of news, interviews and features, including:

Cover story: Korean Air has embarked on a major fleet overhaul, with new Kosmo Suites from Contour spearheading a package of seating and IFE improvements to mark its 40th anniversary

IFE and seat integration: Once upon a time, IFE was IFE and seats were seats and never the twain should meet – but Panasonic’s ‘fusion’ project heralds a new era of closer integration and cooperation between the two sectors

Airline case study: ANA’s new ‘Inspiration of Japan’ brand sees the launch of a new inflight product and service concept on its 777-300ERs

Increasing seat density in business class: Flat beds are de rigueur in today’s most sought-after business-class cabins, but the problem for airlines is how to square recumbence with revenue and extend sleeping space without eroding seat density

Gulf focus: Gulf-based carriers have redefined premium-class air travel in recent years, as their buying power has even enabled them to persuade the manufacturers to modify their airframes to accommodate new amenities

Onboard catering: Beyond investing in new ‘hard’ onboard products, airlines also need to ensure their inflight catering and service remain compelling for frequent fliers

Personal profile: PAIG’s Ben Bettell, who is set to retire this summer, on everything from the influence of the automotive sector, to how to throw a good party!

AIME preview: Our pick of the innovations to be displayed at Aircraft Interiors Middle East

Design brief: Priestmangoode’s compact design for a multitasking budget hotel bedroom

Fact file: Korean Air’s fleet at a glance

In this Issue - September 2009

The September 2009 issue is now available online! Packed full of news, interviews and features, including:

Virtual certification: Using software rather than hardware to assess the safety of new seat designs promises to make innovation easier – or so the theory goes!

Airline case study: Etihad’s award-winning Diamond (first) class now boasts individual suites and a luxurious changing room – but that’s only half the story

Ancillary revenue: Airlines are quickly catching on to the ancillary revenue streams to be made from à la carte fees for everything from checked baggage, food and IFE, but where should carriers seek to draw the line?

Airline case study: British Airways’ new all-business-class service between London City and New York JFK hopes to succeed where others have failed

Vertical space: Pie in the sky or inevitable long-haul product development conclusion? A new generation of tiered seating and sleeping schemes aim to turn headroom into bedroom

Future cabin (IFE): In-seat sensors, a powerful local area network, and a huge increase in connectivity bandwidth are at the heart of Thales’s future cabin vision

Soft furnishings: Four aviation colour and trim experts share their thoughts on the latest soft furnishing trends, materials and technologies shaping cabin design

Personal profile: Alan Pellegrini, vice-president and general manager of Thales’s IFE business, on the wonders and headaches of technology

Expo preview: What to look out for at Aircraft Interiors Expo Asia

Design brief: Blue Sky’s SleepSeat

Design brief: Architecture and Vision’s interior design for a ‘rocket plane’ destined for space tourism

Fact file: Etihad's fleet at a glance

In this Issue - June 2009

The June 2009 issue is now available online! Packed full of news, interviews and features, including:

Cover story: As companies continue to cut back on business-class travel, premium economy has a vital role to play in boosting airline revenues, but what is its optimum cabin configuration?

Design report: Nautilus, a premium-class cabin concept for the A380 mock-up, boasts curves in all the right places

Product focus: Aircraft Interiors Expo 2009 saw a multitude of new economy seating products and concepts, all focused on reduced weight, low cost of ownership and improved living space and comfort

Product focus: A look at the rise in popularity of in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems in single-aisle airliners and regional jets (including some leading systems’ vital statistics)

Design report: LED mood lighting, sculpted ceilings, and bigger bins and windows lie at the heart of the new Sky interior for the Boeing 737

Hot topic: Aircraft seat manufacturing needs a shake-up in ambition, technique and innovation according to experts both inside and outside of the industry – but where will the change come from and what form will it take?

Airline case study: A new logo, new interiors and fresh food are designed to ensure Latin American airline TACA presents a contemporary image to international customers

Personal profile: Klaus Brauer, Boeing’s recently retired director of passenger satisfaction and revenue, looks back over an illustrious career

Expo review: The key trends from Aircraft Interiors Expo 2009 in Hamburg

Crystal Cabin Awards: The winners and runners up from this year’s Crystal Cabin Awards

Design brief: James Lee’s ‘Paperclip’ armrest

Design brief: aeras seat project’s economy-class seat

Fact file: TACA International Airlines’ fleet at a glance

In this Issue - March 2009

The March 2009 issue is now available online! Packed full of news, interviews and features, including:

Expo Preview: The products to look out for at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, as well as interviews with leading exhibitors

Cover story: With designer wallpaper, a funky bar and cheeky crockery items, V Australia hopes to add a little Aussie humour and style to the Virgin family of airline brands

Hot topic: Cabin engineers are facing conflicting demands, with pressure to save weight seemingly at odds with the need to keep passengers happy and revenues up

New product launch: SWISS is introducing first-class suites on board its new A330 fleet, however the airline currently has no plans to introduce the same product on its A340s

Hot topic: Safety videos needn’t be boring – airlines are adopting a range of new strategies to ensure passengers pay attention, while reinforcing their own brand values

Airline Case Study: Other low-cost, long-haul start-ups may have failed, but Air Asia X’s strict grasp of the no-frills model suggests a much brighter future

Hot topic: More harmonisation and standardisation in economy seating could help both airlines and their suppliers to cut their costs and increase their efficiency

Airline Case Study: Aeroflot’s reinvention continues with the arrival of its first A330-200, which boasts a new interior that should give both crew and passengers plenty to smile about

Hot topic: The FAA denies its new Organisation Designation Approval (ODA), which allows companies to ‘self-certify’ major interiors modifications, is a threat to safety standards

Case Study: More than 50 years have passed since British Airways flew its first transatlantic passenger jet flight – how times have changed!

Airline Case Study: Transaero’s new Imperial class features a lavish meal service inspired by Russia’s Imperial past

Personal Profile: Ian Scoley, head of industrial design, cabin innovation, Airbus shares some personal insights and inspirations

Design Brief: JPA and Sicma Aero Seat’s reverse-herringbone business-class suite

Design Brief: AIDA’s private office module

Fact File: SWISS’s fleet at a glance



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The Desire Lines concept has been conceived to shape a new future for the aerospace industry – and for Zodiac Aerospace
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The SportJet isn’t just another concept: this airborne sports clinic is part of Sukhoi’s strategy to boost sales of the SuperJet 100 regional aircraft, and it is ready for team orders
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Could a freighter hold the secret to the next-generation passenger experience? A3, an Airbus outpost in California, believes that with its Transpose concept, it does. Let’s give Transpose a closer look – and a reality check
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